We walk you through the ISO 9001 registration process so that there are no suprises. Here is the process that you will go through to ensure that your are informed every step of the way.

1. Application

At the time of application, an account representative will contact you to discuss the details of the process. This includes a discussion of the requirements specific issues to your organization, a walk-through of the contract, and selection of the auditor that will be assigned to your project. A good communication process is established right from the start.

2. Document Review

We will review your documented system to determine if the ISO 9001 requirements are met. This is the first step in assessing your quality management system. If there are any problems with documentation, the needed changes are brought to your attention so that you can make corrections before the audit. The document review is normally conducted conducted off-site by your auditor.

2. Pre-assessment (Optional)

An optional pre-assessment may be performed as a dress rehearsal. During this pre-assessment, this is your chance to speak freely with auditor and discuss methods of meeting requirements, solutions to problems, and alternate methods of compliance.

3. Initial Program Implementation Assessment (Stage 1)

This is only for initial ISO 9001 certifications. A Stage 1 Assessment is an on-site, much shorter version of the registration audit. This allows for a quick, and less expensive determination if the quality system is adequately implemented and a full assessment should take place. This is especially useful in newly implemented systems where objective evidence of compliance may be limited. A Stage 1 and Stage 2 registration audit may be combined where implementation is established.

4. Registration Audit (Stage 2)

This is the full audit performed at your site. After the audit, you will be advised as to any deficiencies and be provided to opportunity to perform corrective action. When all issues have been closed, the Certificate of ISO 9001 Registration can be issued.

5. Annual Surveillance

An annual surveillance is performed for the next two years to ensure ongoing implementation of the quality system. The surveillance audits are shorter than the ISO 9001 registration audit and cover specific areas of the quality system. After the three year cycle is complete, a full registration audit is performed again.